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Latest website update: 11.03.2018

2017 + 2018

02.02.2017 Photos and information provided to Shybert Productions (Norway).

17.02.2017 Outgoing working visit (alderman Waalwijk).

19.04.2017 Outgoing working visit (alderman Waalwijk).

11.05.2017 Lesson in Wijk en Aalburg.

16.05.2017 Lesson in Kaatsheuvel.

29.05.2017 Outgoing working visit (alderman Waalwijk).

31.05.2017 Guided tour Kapelsche veer.

01.06.2017 Release new website Monument Kapelsche veer.

03.06.2017 Release V.O.G.W.-newsletter.

11.07.2017 - Visit to adopted grave in Margraten.

19.07.2017 Outgoing working visit (municipal official Waalwijk).

17.08.2017 Outgoing working visit (alderman Waalwijk).

15.09.2017 Guided tour Kapelsche veer.

30.09.2017 Guided tour Kapelsche veer.

30.10.2017 Presentation Young Person Of The Year Shield.

10.11.2017 Outgoing working visit (alderman Waalwijk).

01.12.2017 Release V.O.G.W.-newsletter.

02.01.2018 Incoming working visit (military historian).

31.01.2018 Ceremony Kapelsche veer.

07.02.2018 Advisors for MMC Audio Visual.

16.02.2018 Photos and article provided to the Lincoln and Welland Regiment magazine.

18.02.2018 - Release 'The battle for Kapelsche veer-Mistake after mistake-Monument and information shield'.

06.03.2018 - Visit to adopted grave in Margraten.