Stichting V.O.G.W.

Voor goede voorlichting en oprecht herdenken


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The V.O.G.W. Foundation depends on financial help from companies, funds and civilians.

The members of staff are not paid for their work, but the foundation still needs financial support to continue its work. We have been very lucky so far in finding contributors, but for a foundation like V.O.G.W. making financial ends meet poses recurring problems. So we are always happy to welcome new contributors.

Do you think that V.O.G.W. is doing a good job, and would you like to support us?

Become a contributor!

There are two ways to donate.

First of all your bank will be able to arrange an international money order and make it payable

to our account number NL55INGB0007775617 using BIC-code: INGBNL2A (also called swift code).

Another way of making a donation is by sending money in cash by post, including a letter with your

name and address. This may not be the safest way, but for many non-Dutch residents outside the

Euro-zone it certainly is the easiest way. This is because banks in the Netherlands have

difficulties accepting cheques and charge us a lot of money for that.

You are free to donate whatever and whenever you want with a minimum of € 25,00 a year.

Every contributor will receive a personal card which proves the donation was received.

It is also possible for companies to become an official sponsor.

Donate € 150,00 or more a year and your are entitled a free advert in our digital annual report and

 your logo will be shown on our website (see SPONSORS).

Donate € 500,00 or more a year and your company will be our 'main sponsor' and will

be given extra attention.

Would you like to donate artifacts from World War II? They are more than welcome. Please let us know

what sort of artifacts you would like to donate and we will respond as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you!