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Reference book

'The Battle for Kapelsche veer - Casualties'

Edition: 2017     Size: A4     Pages: 20
Pages: 80 gram / printed in black & white

Covers: 160 gram / printed in full colour

Protection sheets (front and back): 250 gram / transparant

Binding: plastic binding comb (21 rings)

Prize: euro 22,50 (all inclusive)

Description: lists with names (no photos) of the casualties, service numbers, units, ranks,

dates of death, and locations of the War Graves plus explanation on how research was done.


Page 1: Introduction & index
Page 2-5: 1st Polish Armoured Division
Page 6: 47 Royal Marine Commando
Page 7: No. 5 Troop (Norwegian) - 10 Inter Allied Commando
Page 8-10: The Lincoln and Welland Regiment
Page 11: The Algonquin Regiment
Page 12+13: The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada
Page 14: The South Alberta Regiment
Page 15-17: German casualties
Page 18: Totals
Page 19: O-72
Page 20: Special thanks & sources

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