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During World War II our region saw no American Troops in action. But within the Documentation

Group WWII of The V.O.G.W. Foundation the amount of information about American liberators

grew quickly. Also some US WWII objects were added to the historical collection.

In order to pay tribute to the American liberators, The V.O.G.W. Foundation made a request to adopt a

grave at the US military cemetery in Margraten (Holland) and we are honoured to

announce that we officially adopted the grave of:

There is a lot of information about Major T.C. Cargill on the internet and all in English. It was impossible to publish all that information on this page and therefor we decided to create an extra website in honour of     Major T.C. Cargill (in Dutch only).

Major Thomas Clayton Cargill

Use the link above to visit the website.