Documentation group WWII

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A closer look at the main issues:


We organise lectures about:

The personal backgrounds of the War Graves in Waalwijk and surrounding area

 Women in World War II.

The battle for Kapelsche veer.


We organise lessons for schools in our region about the local Commonwealth War Graves and

World War II in general.

  Exhibitions and support of projects and studies

Send us an e-mail and ask for our free PDF file with lists of our WWII collection, books and DVD's.

A part of our collection can be seen on this website:

Digital WW2 museum

The battle for Kapelsche veer

The V.O.G.W. Foundation has the Information point Kapelsche veer.

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The V.O.G.W. Foundation has two channels on YouTube.

Use the links below to visit both channels.

Channel 1 - V.O.G.W. (various videos)

Channel 2 - Kapelsche veer only

In control

The V.O.G.W. Foundation manages the two website, the YouTube channel and a small part of the archives

of military historian Chris van der Linden (1973-2019).

Direct links to the websites:

Air War Waverveen and region


Mission M√ľnster 11.11.1943