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The locations of 24 War Graves in our region:

I.W. Adam (47 Royal Marines Commando)

Sprang-Capelle (cemetery Heistraat)

C. Brandon, A. Brookes and D. Williams (all 41 Royal Marines Commando)

Waspik (cemetery Dorpsplein)
H.E. Robison (Lincoln and Welland Regiment)

Waalwijk (cemetery St. Jansplein)


D. Price (1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry)
Kaatsheuvel (cemetery Zuidhollandsedijk)

R.O. Brigden (Royal Air Force / 605 Sq)

Heesbeen (cemetery Grotestraat)

A. Eames and G. Howard (both 27 Royal Marines)

Oudheusden (cemetery Vestingstraat)                   

H.W. Clay (27 Royal Marines) and R.O. Jones (Royal Canadian Air Force / 197 Sq)

Elshout (cemetery Kerkstraat)

W. O'Brien (1/5 Queen's Royal Regiment) and J. Steele (Corps Military Police)

Vlijmen (cemetery Julianastraat)

J.N. Robichaud (Lincoln and Welland Regiment) and F. Tough (Royal Air Force / 10 Sq)

Wijk en Aalburg (cemetery Veldstraat)

R.C. Carvell, J.S.M. Clarke, T.A. Colman, R.D. Gould, W.A. Hughes, J.W. Oakley and E. Oldroyd

(all Royal Air Force / 158 Sq)

J. Spencer (Royal Air Force V.R. / 622 Sq)

K.T. Kozula (1 P.A.Mot.)

Dongen (cemetery Bolkensteeg)