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Main purpose

Our main purpose is to collect and supply information about the allied servicemen from

World War II who lie buried in Waalwijk and the surrounding area.


The documentation group collects items and documentation concerning World War II to be used

in our activities, such as lessons, lectures or exhibitions. These items are also available to

schoolchildren, students, historians, museums etcetera.

Important aspects of our work

Research - Lessons - Lectures - Exhibitions - Publications - Guided tours - Hosting visitors -

Working visits - Courtesy visits - Ceremonies - Maintenance -

Supporting/helping institutions, press, authors, teachers, schoolchilldren and students -

Managing ‘The young person of the year award’ - Maintaining our websites -

Maintaining our YouTube channels - Maintaining our Facebook account -

Maintaining a WWII collection of more than 700 artefacts -

Maintaining a library of books and DVD's about WWII -

The information point Kapelsche veer.