Stichting V.O.G.W.

Voor goede voorlichting en oprecht herdenken

The battle for Kapelsche veer

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The V.O.G.W. Foundation facilitates the Information point Kapelsche veer.

Website: Information point Kapelsche veer

The Information point Kapelsche veer has succeeded in finding information that others have not found

and is recently announced as the best place to be for correct information.

Marius Heideveld (V.O.G.W. secretary) has been in the news several times criticising the text on

an information sign next to the Kapelsche veer monument.

The sign is still there and therefore Marius continues fighting for the historical truth in honour

of those who fought at Kapelsche veer.

The Information point Kapelsche veer provides:



Guided tours



Press support